Teddy Matheu

Teddy Matheu is a Senior Vice President at Program Management Solutions. He is responsible for the growth of the business and oversees its operations. Prior to joining PM Solutions Teddy founded Guident, a Data Analytics Services Firm which he sold to CRGT in 2012. Teddy says he lives in paradise - Sarasota, Florida, where he enjoys losing golf balls in ponds filled with alligators.

Senior Vice President

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Founder & CEO

Aristo Mitchell

Aristo Mitchell is the Founder & CEO of Program Management Solutions. He is accountable for the direction and success of the company having more than 20 years of consulting experience. Aristo has led large cloud migrations and GSA and other agencies and has supported long-term international projects in London, Saudi Arabia, and elsewhere. He likes to stay busy, is a father of 5, volunteers as a basketball coach, and is an avid racquetball player.