Efficiency Through Innovation


We work with your team to define your business goals and establish success metrics. We identify key areas and assess the technical landscape to develop a comprehensive launch program management plan. We also help you identify the champions who will help foster a successful program.

Phase 2: Communications

Our team develops a strategic awareness campaign, which may include providing assistance with messaging for promotional materials, segmentation for key user groups, and the establishment of a communications timeline. We strive to make communications transparent throughout the lifecycle of an engagement to minimize surprises and make sure everyone is working with the same end-goal in mind.

Phase 3: Measurement & Review

Throughout the entire process, we track success metrics and measure our success rate throughout the program.  We use this information to create an engagement summary and a detailed recommendation report. This report includes quantitative measurements of the defined success metrics, as well as next steps recommendations to ensure that adoption continues beyond the initial engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does PROGRAM MANAGEMENT Solutions offer Software as a Service implementation support?

Yes - Program Management Solutions has extensive experience with SaaS implementations including Salesforce, Microsoft, and Amazon Web Services.

Does PROGRAM MANAGEMENT Solutions focus on Federal or Commercial clients?

While we are willing to speak and meet with any organization who may be interested in our services, our focus has certainly been in the Federal space. Within the Federal space, we have targeted agencies that we pursue, ie: Department of the Air Force. Department of Transportation, FAA, and the Veterans Affairs office through our teaming partners.

Where do you envision PROGRAM MANAGEMENT  Solutions BEING in the future?

With our growth, our focus will remain the same: to take care of our employees and make sure they have all the resources they need to support our customers. We will continue our growth and focus in the Healthcare I.T. space, with an emphasis on EHRM and Healthcare Informatics.